About us


漆の塗膜は、隠蔽力がとても弱い特徴があります。そのことから私は漆というものが「透明」であることを意識するようになりました。 もちろんそれは視覚的な意味ではありません。通常30回以上の行程を繰り返してできる漆の表層から、独特な透明感が体現されていることに気付いたのです。



I finish the surface of my work using a traditional Japanese lacquering technique called Urushi.

Each layer of Urushi has a low opacifying strength. I started to pay attention to the transparent nature of Urushi when I saw a unique clarity emerge after a repeated coating process (which usually requires over 30 layers).

In order to express this transparency in the best way possible, I experimented with the carving and finishing process in my own way. I turned my attention towards the contrasting textures between the wood base and the finish.

The use of organic materials in this traditional method gives me a feeling of creating life. The texture of carved wood express conception, hinting at the inner core of an undecipherable object, closely amalgamates with the outer layer thoroughly covered in Urushi.

I pursue the expression of form and texture, through wood carving and Japanese lacquer art, with the aim to represent the materials as they truly are.

Seiichiro Fujino/藤野征一郎