About Lacquerware

About Lacquerware

For example,since these works have been just finished applying lacquer(URUSHI),they have distinctive lacquer(URUSHI) smell.
As soon as boxes arrived, place them on the table one by one to get rid out of its smell with fresh air.

The lacquerware is vulnerable to sunlight, and ultraviolet ray is harmful
for it. Please avoid the direct sunlight as much as possible.

Please keep it in the shade.
In the case of indirect sunlight, it’s not so necessary to avoid it
during using the lacquerware.

The lacquerwares are made of woods and hemp cloths. Do not use with open fire,microwave and oven.
Please wash by hands with neutral detergent, soft sponge or cloth.
Do not use dishwasher and drier. It easily gets damages and cracks
due to dehydration and dryness, specially drying air by dish-drier.
Do not soak in water for long time.

Please wash lacquerware separating from ceramics, because they are
softer materials than ceramics.

Please use a dry cotton cloth or towel to wipe the lacquerware after
washing. Because if water drops are left to dry naturally, the minerals
contained in the water may leave white marks on the lacquerware. Lacquerware is dark in color so these white marks can be very noticeable.

About Metal Leaf (tin, silver and aluminum leaf)

These lacquerwares are glued to metal leaf with lacquer(URUSHI).
They could not be peeled off the metal leaf by hand-washing and hand-touching.
However, they might be peeled off the metal leaf by putting a thing with the adhesiveness such as the seal, and stripping it off intensely.